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logoThe Center for Journalism and Public Ethics, CEPET (www.cepet.org), was founded in September 2003 as a non partisan, not for profit organization, with the mission to promote quality journalism in Mexico as way to contribute to democracy and a more informed society.

Since its foundation the organization has trained hundreds of journalists across the country in courses and seminars attended by reporters, editors, managing editors, columnists, news executives and journalism professors.

CEPET maintains the most important journalists’ network in Mexico with professionals from all regions of the country working for small and big news media organizations, from print, to radio, TV and on-line outlets. This network has become a platform for collaboration and exchange of ideas and experiences and it also plays a role on the emerging of new organizations and journalism projects.

Recognizing that Mexico goes through a transitional period CEPET aims to play an important role to transition traditional journalism to a more advanced, professional and quality journalism.

The organization is the Mexico’s partner for the Knight Center for Journalism in the America and has collaborated with other national and international organizations.

The organization is also playing a leading role defending freedom of the press, filling in an important gap as it’s the only journalists’ organization systematically monitoring attacks against journalists and the media organizations since 2004, when the violence against journalists in Mexico escalated to unseen levels.

This role was internationally recognized by Reporters without Borders (RSF) as CEPET was a candidate to its prize on the category freedom of the press defender in 2006.


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    Buenas Tardes,

    Necesito enviar una invitación a Juan Carlos Romero Puga. Serían tan amables de proporcionarme su domicilio por favor??



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